How It Works

Design Your T-Shirt

See how you can design your own t-shirt using images you upload and your own text. Its a Fun!

Playing with text Tool!

Its not just plain text. You can choose your font, make the text bold or light, underline or strike, give it a color, stroke or a background. You can do what ever you want. Its Easy!

How to work with Picture Frames / Photo Plaques

You can personalize picture frames and photo plaques in quick few easy steps.

A Simple Switchboard Personalization

See how you can personalize your room's switchboards with your favourite graphics or pictures.

Personalizing Bracelet With 5 Photo Charms

See How you can personalize a bracelet having 5 charms for photos. You can upload and use saperate photo for each charm.

A Simple Pendant Personalization

See how you can simply persnalize a pendant with your own photo in just few secs.